I Wasn’t Kidding, Pregnancy Sucks!

It’s amazing what one event will do to the human body. My pregnancy has been rather easy, no morning sickness… Just having the feeling of wanting to throw up all over everybody. Very few Braxton Hicks contractions, only gaining 30lbs. I find it funny that everyone and I mean EVERYBODY has an opinion when it comes to someone else’s body. Apparently those mothers forgot what it was like to have unwanted advice constantly thrown at them!

There isn’t a book out there that gives pregnancy to you straight. Trust me, I’ve looked. I’m pretty sure that I have convinced a handful of females to never get pregnant! I have been quite vocal when it comes to swollen feet, unbearable thirst, peeing every 15 minutes, clothing that doesn’t fit.

I am officially t-minus 11 hours until this beast child comes out. Nine months sure does fly by!


Pregnancy Rant Over


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