Dark House by Karina Halle

4 out of 5

Dark House starts out in a dream sequence where the main character is in an ubercreepy place and frightened for her life. She senses a evil presence in the form of a man/man silhouette. She starts to scream and is roused by her sister.

Meet Perry Palomino, a 22 year old graduate from Oregon (I totally feel like this is a game show) come on down. Perry is a receptionist (not a good one) for an ad agency even though advertising is what she got her degree in. Perry is one of those people who have no clue what they want to do with their lives. Case in point… She took lessons to become a stunt woman and quit because she got bored. Who gets bored doing that? Because of the economy crash she had to take the receptionist job that she hates so much AND move in with Mom and Dad. (End game show voice)

So this is kind of going to be a summary of the beginning of the book. I hate giving away details about the end, especially if I don’t have to.

As a family, they (Mom, Dad, Perry and Ada (Perry’s little sister)) decide to go take a overnight trip to see Uncle Al and his 19 year old twins. After dinner and after the parents went to sleep, the twins decide to have a bonfire and drinks. Perry and Ada join in but after a while Perry starts to realize how boring it is hanging out with a bunch of teenagers. So of course, she has to explore.

Now, a little bit of back story. There is a lighthouse on Perry’s Uncle Al’s property that has been abandoned for a really long time and is one of a few in the ownership of a private citizen. Ever since Perry was little, she has had an overwhelming urge to explore the lighthouse. Everyone has always told her no (see where I’m going?). There is a story to the lighthouse but Perry doesn’t know it… Yet.

While exploring the lighthouse creepy shit starts happening, she hears footsteps upstairs and she sees a shadow walk by the window. Perry finally has had enough of the “rape palace” (her words, she though she was being corralled by drugged up rapist. Her imagination gets away from her…FAAR AWAY!) and the creepy noises and goes to make a mad dash towards the window she came in from. All of a sudden SMACK… Someone is in the lighthouse with her!

Dex (Declan) Foray come on down!

At this point Perry is freaking out and I don’t blame her. She figured Dex was the source of all the noise but as she’s telling him off footsteps can be heard above. Dex has this brilliant idea to explore further and figure out where the noise is coming from. Perry goes along and I’m not sure why, because if it were me I’d be running…FAST!

While exploring together more crazy shit starts happening. Doors slamming, footsteps, blinding white light, the whole lighthouse shaking. And the Dex does the disappearing act.

TRUE STORY: After reading the above part I decided it was time to put the freaky book down and take a bathroom break. I have a rather large bathroom, on one of the recessed walls I have a three tiered bin on wheels that holds make-up, blow dryer etc. So anyways, I walk in and the bins are just sitting in the middle of the floor and they never move…EVER! So needless to say, I started to freak out a bit. I asked my boyfriend if he moved it and maybe he didn’t understand what I was talking about but he kept on saying “moved what?” And that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. In the end, he DID move it and slowly my heart rate went back to normal, but you can see how this book had me in a crazy state of mind.

Overall I enjoyed this book. Was it perfect? No it was not, there were flaws. I though Perry’s obsession with Dex was a bit too much at the beginning but gradually it became bearable. One of the things that I truly enjoyed was Ada. I loved her sarcasm and wit. Her character was fantastic.

With all the books out there I decided top take a chance on this self published author. While most readers are shying away from indie authors because of past crazy situations I’ve begun to embrace the ones who have respect for reviews/bloggers and the human population in general.

So thank you Karina Halle, for treating others with respect and for writing an awesome book. I look forward to continuing this series.


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