Seriously …

Since I just posted a bunch of reviews I thought it was time to maybe write about babies instead of books.

I love how there are so many things that my mother never told me about newborns. Hell, I love how all mothers horde information and keep it to themselves.

Ahhh, sarcasm at its finest!

I knew there were going to be sleepless nights, multiple feedings, dirty bottles aplenty.

What I did not know was how many times I would be washing the same outfit in one week, or that I could go through all the baby blankets in one day (seriously, my child pees with the force of a fire hose).

But I especially want to know why nobody told me how much babies poop!!!! How can so much come out of such a little body! I have wiped up poop in places I didn’t think it could get! And to think that it gets worse! Soon it will start spilling out of the diaper…

I think I need to take up drinking.


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