Ondine by Emma Raveling

4 out of 5

Ondine is a prequel that doesn’t necessarily have to be read first but you can if you want too. I got into this series way before this came out, I was hooked when book one came out!

Ondine does a perfect job of indroducing us to Kendra Irisavie and her mother Nadia and it gives a glimpse if what Nadia was like before Whirl.

Kendra Irisavie is an Ondine who along with her mother Nadia has gone rogue and does not live in one of the communities meant to protect Ondines. The prequel takes place in L.A., and follows Kendra as she helps out a fellow classmate.

I loved this novella for a few reasons, one of them is being able to see Kendra how she was before everything got flipped around and the other reason is witnessing Kendra chose her fate (which is explained in the first book).

Like I said, you don’t have to read this first but it is a nice intro into the series.

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