Quotes from Be With Me by J. Lynn

Since I already agree with the review that my lovely co-blogger wrote, I felt like it is my duty to post my favorite quotes.


“Ovaries go boom.”

“Getting in a saddle was tantamount to playing chicken with a pissed off T. Rex to me.”

“I’ll fucking cuss if I want to fucking cuss,” I snapped. “Fucker.”

“Holy shit, where did you learn that? Fuck. Don’t answer. I don’t want to know. I prefer to think you were born with that talent.”

“I always knew I’d make an excellent human tissue.” He dipped his head so that his chin rested atop my head. “Thank you for letting me achieve that dream.”

“I love you like I love cupcakes.”

“What’s up?”
“Most likely not your IQ.”

“I think your father looks like he wants to take me hunting. Like a special, scary hunting trip where I’m the game.”

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