Night Broken by Patricia Briggs


5 out of 5

I absolutely love Mercy, there’s pretty much nothing she can do that would make me out down this book. Everything about her screams stubborn ass hero.

If you’ve never read Patricia Briggs, especially her Mercy Thompson novels then I suggest you do. When I think of Mercy and Adam they remind me of a tamed down Kate Daniels and Curran. They still manage to get into the same amount of nonsense without all of the smart ass remarks that Kate seems to have at any given time.

Night Broken doesn’t disappoint. Adams ex wife comes back in town followed by a deity stalker. Now… this bitch is off her rocker! She spent years manipulating the pack and Adam and she’s not slow to start up again. I’m sure people are upset with the way the Mercy handled her in the beginning but I understand her reasoning for trying to keep the peace. Besides she makes up for it in the end.

There are some new faces in this book that are sure to be there in the next book and I can’t wait. The only real disappointment I had…. not enough Ben, Warren, or Kyle. And I really miss the banter between Samuel and Mercy.

I’m hopeful those will be remedied soon too!

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