Twisted by Holly Hook


2 out of 5

Unfortunately for Holly Hook and the fans of Twisted, I DNF’d it at 49%. The fact that I made it this far was an exercise in patience on my part.


I didn’t completely hate this book. The premise was interesting enough, but it fell flat for me. Mind you, I’m only reviewing the 49% that I read and not the entire book.

The characters, in my opinion, were extremely boring. The main character Allie…


I just didn’t like being in her head. Then there was Tommy who was a little on the nerdy side and one of only two friends that Allie had (the other one flipped her shit when she turned into a tornado, yes a tornado), but I liked him because he had courage.

So yeah, Allie is basically a tornado junkie. She ends up convincing her Uncle Cassius to lie to her parents and take her out to the middle of Nebraska to chase tornados instead of going to Disney World. While out tornado chasing they spot a tornado that ends up chasing them. They get picked up by the tornado and the van they were in gets wrapped around a tree.

I’m not going to give away everything that happens in the first half, but Allie can now turn into a tornado. She attracts storms. Eventually she and Tommy make their way back to Nebraska to find a “cure”. And of course, since there isn’t enough in almost every single YA novel on the planet… A LOVE TRIANGLE! I know, shocking. NOT!

Meet Dorian, an Outbreaker from BFE, Nebraska. An Outbreaker is a group of people who live in the Midwest, who turn into tornados. Alas, they are the reason for Tornado Alley.

After almost halfway, I had enough. I had enough of love triangles and 16 year olds.

Like I said, Twisted fell flat for me. It was a struggle just to get halfway.

This ARC was provided by Mark My Words Book Publicity via NetGalley for an honest review.

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