Priceless by Shannon Mayer

4 out of 5


When I came across Priceless I was intrigued. So as usual (because heaven forbid I be able to buy a book on the spot without looking it up first on Goodreads) I go on to Goodreads with prior experience, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of my friends or one of the many people I follow would have a fantastic review up.

Imagine my face when I finally realize that no one, not one person I knew of, had reviewed this book.


I went in blind. I couldn’t trust those other reviews. The people I am friends with and follow have gained my trust, have been with me through thick and thin. Through good and god awful. These other reviewers have yet to earn that… so, with my head held high and free money at my finger tips, I took the plunge.


All I have to say is YAY ME!!

I’m so happy I read this. Priceless was a lot of fun to read, after I got through the first ten percent.

FBI Agent Liam O’Shea has been trying to pin the disappearance of Rilee Adamson’s sister on her for the past ten years. It becomes painfully obvious that Rilee had nothing to do with it when another girl disappears on the same date, same park, same time as her sister but 10 years later.

Rilee has a gift, she is a Tracker. Give her a photo she and can find anyone. The girls missing parents come to Rilee and hire her to find their daughter before it too late.

An unexpected turn of events happen which lead Agent O’Shea to help in the hunt for the missing girl and to put aside his vengeful feelings towards Rilee.

There really is everything in this book. Vampires, daywalkers, nightwalkers, werewolves, witches, covens, harpies, unicorns and of course magic.

I really did enjoy this book, the second one is already on my to be read pile.

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