Sugar Plum by Jennie Bates Bozic


4 out of 5


Sugar Plum was actually a really cool short story that is a prequel to Damselfly the first book in the Damselfly series.

I have yet to read Damselfly but it is now on my like of books to read.

I’m loving the concept, obviously it takes place in the future but the year is never mentioned in Sugar Plum. Sugar Plum takes place in what use to be the United States, which is now split in 3 after a civil war The West, The Mids and The East.

Sugar is the name of the main character who stands at a whole 6 inches tall and has beautiful purple wings. She isn’t quite sure how she got to be that way since she doesn’t remember anything that happened before she woke up all tiny.

Every year, the faeries are given out as ornaments to underprivileged kids in hopes that one of those families will be border crossers.

The West uses the faeries as spies. Their wings have tracking devices in them, which will alert them if the family that they are with has tried to cross into The Mids.

Lucky for Sugar, she is chosen by a family who is trying to cross the border. Little does Sugar know, that is the last thing she wants to happen.


For this novelette being 46 pages, there sure is a lot of deceit! I loved it. It was free and it introduced me to a whole new series (like a need another) to look forward to. Damselfly, here I come!


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