the opportunist  4 out of 5 stars


This was a lot different than I thought it was going to be. It was darker than I anticipated…and I kind of liked it. I mean you could kind of tell right from the beginning that Olivia was a slightly off kilter, but I was surprised about just how much she was, and the other characters took me by surprise as well. Caleb was definitely glamorized a lot throughout this book, understandably since this was told from Olivia’s perspective and in her mind Caleb was the one that got away, but there was some pretty shady stuff that he did as well in this story. And I have a feeling that there is even more going on there that we have are yet to see. Basically my outlook on EVERYONE in this book was they were all at least a little crazy and I trust NO ONE!



I have to admit the dark and crazy vibe I was getting from Olivia was intriguing. I had to keep reading to learn more and more. I like the way this author writes her characters, they are if nothing else, all very unique. I like how she writes these flawed characters, and while she gives you some insight as to some of the reasons they are the way they are, she never really excuses their harsher actions and attributes. They just simply are the way they are. I think that’s bold and I really respect it. You don’t see a lot of that in real life or fiction. I actually liked Olivia more because of her flaws….


  “I knew what I was going to do, something that would hurt him more than he hurt me. That’s the way I fought, dirty. An eye for an eye…”


She was more than flaws though, and all though she didn’t verbalize her kinder or remorseful thoughts as often as the grittier ones, she still had them…


“I had hurt the person I loved the most, the only person I had- all to avenge myself. And in the end, I had destroyed myself.”      


I find it ironic that the series name is, Love Me With Lies, when what I think I appreciated most in this book was the viciousness of the truths. I get that so much of every characters lives seemed to revolve around them all lying to each other, but the truths within them were what spoke the loudest to me.


Leah was the perfect villain. She honestly scares the crap out of me!! After getting to know Olivia like I have and getting a peek at the cold fury under Leah’s pretty exterior, it really makes me wonder what in the world Caleb is thinking, and what is really wrong with him that he chooses to be with there kind of women?! I’m not really sure who I was supposed to root for here! I did ultimately want to see Caleb and Olivia fall back into each others arms and get their happy ending, but honestly I struggle with seeing that happen for them. I can hardly imagine what true happiness looks like for them individually let alone together. I found myself honestly questioning whether they are truly even good for each other. But in the end, I’m still leaning towards that being the rightest ending….I think lol.


I will definitely be checking out the next book in this series, which just so happens to be Leah’s book. I am equal parts excited and terrified to start that book. I can’t imagine feeling anything other than disdain for Leah, but somehow I picture Tarryn Fisher not trying to make you. Hence the excitement. I haven’t really read many books where you are in the villain’s head, and I think this is a good author to pull that off in a very unique way. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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