Fangirling sooooo HARD!



So I was just scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and came across a post from Author Jessica Park talking about her new book, Flat-out Celeste, where she said…

“Yay! Writing a spinoff is some scary shit, let me tell you, but you guys are giving me great news!”
“I was honestly a little concerned that I wouldn’t possibly like this book as much as I did Flat-out Love. Before long though, it was appare…nt that all my worrying was for nothing. Celeste’s story felt completely her own, and that alone will make you love it. I was also worried about how I could like anyone as much as I liked Matt, but Justin completely obliterated any of that nonsense.” See More

FLAT-OUT CELESTE BY: JESSICA PARK – 99 problems, and a book ain’t one
 And then I was all like…
That’s my review!! And then I did a little of this…
 Total fangirl moment! Just had to share, because I’m easily excitable and nerdy like that!

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