The Plague is HERE

This past week has been hell. Not only did I somehow manage to get strep throat in the middle of June, which is an absolutely wretched experience and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Ever. I also then infected not only my guy, but also the two wonderful children that I take care of 3 days a week. So even after my 104 fever broke and I could finally ingest solid foods without excruciating pain, I still get to deal with this vicious beast, step throat, reeking havoc upon pretty much everyone around me at work and home. No one should be huddled under layers of blankets in sweats in 90 degree weather, it’s just not right. So hopefully by tomorrow, or the next day, when this plague has started to dissipate, maybe then I will have the time and/or energy to pick up a book and review it. One can only hope.


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