connecting strangers  3 out of 5 stars


Connecting Strangers was rather hard to rate. There were some elements here that I found well done, and others not so much. So I think 3 stars was a safe meeting ground. This book was about Emily, a girl who was desperately trying to run away from her past, with plenty of good reason for doing so. While on the run from her many troubles she inadvertently runs into Adam, the local sheriff for the town she was supposed to be breezing through. Things heat up from there.

Ok let’s start with some of the things that I liked about this book. First, I really liked the way this author portrayed the abuse between Emily and Mark. It was nice to not have the abuse be belittled when it was more mental than physical. I think a lot of how abusers succeed in their abuse is because it’s such a mental thing, the separation from other people, the degrading, and the fear all come into play hugely. It was nice for this author to show that, and how the outcome can be the same, even when it’s not solely physical abuse.

I also really enjoyed this town. Juniper Springs was everything Emily’s hometown of, Broomtown wasn’t., it was warm, safe, inviting and full of people with kind hearts that go above and beyond for other people. Even for strangers. Cue Francine, waitress with a heart of gold.

She might have been one of the most giving and kind characters I have ever met. She immediately saw a kindred spirit in Emily and came to her aid, freely giving things from a hot meal, to her a place in her work and home. It was amazing, the kind of amazing that you sincerely hope truly can exist out there in the world.

I also, for the most part, liked Emily. I was glad for how strong she was. There was no transformation from Meer cat to cougar. Did she become stronger as the story progressed? Yes. But she always had it in her. She was a fighter from the get-go, she just had so many other losses and felt so trapped that she forgot just how strong she was. Being that she was this way, her back story made the why’s of her staying in that toxic relationship very clear. She was someone that literally had no one else and no where else to go. Which made her bravery that much more admirable. Adam was also a likeable guy. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he was a drop dead sexy guy in uniform.

He was pretty nice too though. He certainly took the whole hero cop thing very seriously.

Okay. Dislikes. Well, I suppose it’s only really one dislike, but it’s a rather large one for me. The instant attraction/overwhelming need to have each other was not working for me. I wish there would have been more build up to that. She literally ran from one man, who abused her, right into the arms of another. Being that Emily was, rightfully, distrustful of people, you would think that would have really carried through more than a half day after meeting Adam. Not saying they as a couple didn’t work for me, they did, but in my opinion this story would have been greatly enhanced had them getting together been held of for a little bit. I would have liked to see them get to know each other a little bit before jumping right into the sack.

It would have made sense to build a trust between the two more before the rest. Had that been different, I probably would have gave this book a 4 star rating.

This is only the first book in a series. I think it was a decent enough start to a series. I would probably pick up the next book so I could see what happens next, as this one ends with a slight cliffhanger. But I think that book two could either make or break this series for me. I was on the fence about this one in a few areas, so I would want something to really grab a hold of me by the next book or I most likely wouldn’t continue on with future books.

I received this ARC from the Author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review



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