Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout


5 out of 5

There’s no way for me to explain my sadness at this series ending. But like some asshat said, “All good things must come to an end.” BTW, I hate that quote, especially when Jennifer Armentrout has ended two of my favorite series in less than a year.

There is also no way for me to properly review this book without giving an astronomical amount of things away, because for me to give Opposition the review it deserves I would have to review all the books (maybe one day after an epic re-read). Trust me, I thought about it but in the end I decided to let Daemon, Katy, Dee, Archer and countless others have their say.

So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Jennifer Armentrout (although a good thump on the head for ending it would work too) for giving me and countless other readers a wonderful story full of some of the best one liners and characters ever!

Back in the day, I had this plan for the of chance that I was around for the whole end-of-the-world thing. It involved climbing up on my roof and blasting R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” as loud as humanly possible, but real life rarely turns out that cool. – Katy

“You’re broadcasting your thoughts so damn loudly I feel like I need to go sit in the corner and start rocking whispering Daemon’s name over and over again.” – Archer

“I think lots of things are brilliant ideas. Like nuclear weapons, zero-calorie soft drinks, and blue jean vests,” he replied. “That doesn’t mean we should nuke people, or that diet drinks taste good, or that you should run out to the local Wal-Mart and buy a jean vest. You people shouldn’t always listen to me.” – Luc

I was probably one step away from going to that dark corner in the room and rocking back and forth, but I couldn’t break down, and I couldn’t sleep. Not when Daemon was out there somewhere, and not when the whole world was on the verge of… hell, turning into a dystopia, like one of those novels I used to read.
Sigh. Books. I missed them. – Katy

Body say hello to wall. – Daemon

Kitten got claws and then some. – Daemon

Hell, I’d keep her in Bubble Wrap if it weren’t so damn creepy and also inconvenient, considering I had a terrible habit of obsessively popping the damn things until not a single bubble was left. – Daemon

This kind of love was the real deal, stronger than a while planet full of psycho aliens and an entire government. – Katy

As she walked through, I landed a nice swat on her behind that caused her to jump and spin around. Kat sit me a dirty look, and I grinned, totally unrepentant. It was the little things in life that kept me happy. – Daemon

“Unless you all have something we haven’t thought of, there is no other option.”
“I don’t know.” I pressed my fingers to my temples. “We really could use the Avengers right about now.”
“Screw that. We need Loki,” Daemon retorted.
General Eaton arched a brow. “Well, unfortunately, the Marvel universe isn’t real, so…”

“Wow. I feel like Morgan Freeman should be doing a voice-over right now, like, “Their weakest link is something already here,” I said, and when several sets of eyes settled on me with identical logs of confusion, I flushed. “What? It’s from War of the Worlds, and I think it’s totes appropriate for the situation.” – Katy

Man Kat fascinated me, every aspect of her. She was beautiful but it went so beyond that. She was so incredible strong, and she bore the scars of her strength like a prizefighter. She was smart and stubborn, but most of all, she was kind, and she’d given me the ultimate gift when she loved me in return. – Daemon

General Eaton was waiting for us beside a black Explorer, the kind of card Daedalus used to roll around.
I sort of wanted to blow that bitch up, but that wouldn’t go over well. Impulse control. I was proud of myself. – Daemon

“I’m just curious.” Archer was currently sitting behind us, but he might as well be in our laps. He’d positioned himself so he was right between our seats, his arms hanging off the back of them. “Because I’m pretty sure that sign over there reads fifty-five. Not eighty-five.”
“You can read?” Daemon looked into the rearview mirror. “Holy shit. I’m so surprised.”
Archer sighed. “Well, that was clever.” There was a pause. “I just don’t want to end up crashing into a fiery ball.”
“You’re an Origin. You’ll be fine.”
“I don’t want to be a skid-mark Origin or a crispy Origin.”
“Mmm,” Daemon murmured. “Crispy Origin reminds me of fried chicken. I could go for some of that right now.” – Archer and Daemon

“I’ve never had homemade fried chicken before.”
His eyes rolled. “God, you’re such a freak.”
“I wonder if I can get Dee to make me some,” Archer replied casually, ignoring Daemon. “You know, when she’s not on Team Kill Everyone.” – Archer

My heart turned over heavily as I twisted around in my seat, owing out the back window. “Oh, holy alien butt crack.” – Katy

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “It’s not like I’m going to run up and hug him.”
His expression turned bland. “I’d sure hope not. I might get jealous.”
“You’d get jealous if she hugged a tree,” Archer tossed out.
“Maybe.” Daemon coasted to a stop in a parking space behind the car. “I’m needy like that.” – Katy, Daemon, and Archer

His eyes were hidden behind black shades. Wearing dark denim, he looked more like one of those guys in GQ magazine than a soulless alien version of the goat-sucking chupacabra. – Katy

Then Daemon spoke. “What up, asshole?”
My jaw hit the ground.
“You really know how to greet people,” Archer muttered. – Daemon, Katy, and Archer

The three of us followed Hunter over to a lamppost, which was like thirty feet from the car, and then he stopped. “We’re here.”
My brows rose as I looked around, seeing nothing. “I’d this like some kind of magical Harry Potter door? Or something?”
He stared at me.
“What?” I asked sheepishly. “You know, like the Room of Requirements? The door kind of just appears…Oh, never mind.” – Katy

Watching Katy and Daemon’s relationship from the first book to the last book was an amazing experience. You will be missed!

Until the next re-read….
*goes to cry in corner*

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