Personal Assistance by Louise Rose-Innes


2 out of 5

Her life is in the hands of a man she can’t trust…

Trapped in a country in the midst of a rebellion, Hannah Evans is on the run for her life. Her only hope of escape is to join forces with disgraced Special Forces operative Tom Wilde, who is overseeing the extraction of all British nationals from the embassy. It’s a form of punishment for his last failed mission, from which neither his body, nor his mind, has fully recovered. When he meets Hannah, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself. The information she holds is important enough to end the civil war—all he needs to do is get her out of the war-ridden country alive and back to Britain.

The sexual attraction between them is too intense to ignore, but Hannah knows the career-soldier has a hidden agenda. Can she trust him to lead her to safety, or will he sacrifice her in his bid for redemption?


So after reading this, it’s safe to say that the whole blurb is in fact a farce. Literally 16% in, there is in fact, trust. Not even a hint of non trust.

Hannah is the personal assistant to a prince in a country of the middle east that has not gone through the Arab Spring. While going about her morning menial tasks she is given an official document to hand over to the prince right away. As she was rushing to do so, Hannah runs into the maid dropping the document. At this point she sees what is written to the prince, she reads the whole thing and basically insuring her death. Arab Spring had hit the country, and this document gives an escape route to reach the safe houses for the current royal family. Instead of delivering the document and then planning her escape Hannah panics and takes off to the British Embassy. By running Hannah had made herself look like a spy and they now believe she has committed treason which we know is punishable by death.

It doesn’t take long for the prince’s guard to track Hannah. She arrives at the embassy to no help except for one lone soldier still stationed there. This is where Tom comes in.

Let’s be honest, we all know where this is going to go. I skimmed about a quarter of this book because it was predictable. There was really nothing that held me there except sheer will.

Tom agrees to help Hannah, she has the knowledge that all the Western countries want. Oh, and she had a photographic memory, quite convenient since she lost the document while on the run. While trying to get out of the city and away from the prince’s guard also while in a rebel stronghold Tom and Hannah can’t seem to keep their emotions in check (because this is the most absolute best place to have sex or as they called it “make love”). Tom had two days to get Hannah out of the country. IN TWO DAYS THESE IDIOTS FALL IN LOVE…. REALLY?? Love… Really? I mean, really?

A romance in my mind is suppose to build up to those moments. Not happen in the last 15%. There are sometimes where I can take it when things become unrealistic and there are sometimes when I can’t. I couldn’t this time. Maybe in a situation like that things happen differently but it wasn’t believable to me.

This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing LLC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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