nearly mended devon ashley   4 out of 5 stars

Dear Devon Ashley,


Like seriously. I don’t want to give this book 4 stars. It’s full of vile, vile things, but I couldn’t stop reading it. I am currently going off about 3 hours of sleep thanks to this sick masterpiece you have thrust upon me. Damn near every page is cringe worthy, but I had to keep going and torturing myself to see what atrocity would happen next.

It’s funny, in a twisted way, that most of the emotions that you wanted to portray your main character going through, was precisely what you had your reader feeling while reading your book. I knew it was wrong, that I shouldn’t even want to keep going, but  I couldn’t help feeling….no, NEEDING to go on. To see more, to feel more. I hate that I, in a sick and twisted way, enjoyed this book as much as I did. You’re all over here like…..

And I’m forced to say a simple…

Oh. Thanks for that last sentence too. Thank you so much for that. I’ll be talking to you again soon, after I read the next edition in this series, I’m sure.


Your begrudgingly loyal reader


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