3 out of 5 stars

   This was a cute romance with a splash of magic. Kate and Slade were, at first glance, complete opposites. Kate was a hopeful romantic, who believed in true love and still held on to hope that her happily ever after was out there. She had a blossoming match maker business, so she even made her living off of finding other people their happy endings. Slade was a jaded divorce attorney, who had been scorned in the past by the notion of love and marriage. Then he watched his baby sister lose herself to the same notion. 

   When Slade’s sister decides to pick herself up and start living again she moves to a new town, new job, and enlists Kate and her colleagues to find her someone special. Slade, overbearing as he is ends up furious and thinks she’s being swindled by Kate and her company. To prove them fraudulent he bullies Kate into finding someone for him, even though he doesn’t believe in love anymore. As you can imagine chaos ensues and the two, outwardly least likely people to fall in love with each other, end up doing just that….even when they deny it. 

   It’s not exactly a plot line that hasn’t been done before. The thing that really set this book apart from the others was the addition of Kate’s magic touch. Her magical lineage was actually done rather subtly and added something unique and intriguing to the done before will they or won’t they romance. The characters were cute, Kate’s mom was hysterical! She was a comedic breath of fresh air, the story was better for her brief, but memorable, appearances. Anyone who likes romance stories, but is looking for some fun, subtle touches to make it a little different, will probably enjoy this story.  


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