bound by duty stormy smith 4 out of 5 stars


What a pleasant little surprise this book was! I don’t quite know what I was expecting when I started Bound by Duty, but it wasn’t the level of originality that I ultimately got! This was a pretty great start to what appears to be a very promising series! This was a unique, intriguing story that pulled me in right away and dragged me along constantly wanting more.


The magical/ fantasy element was easily my favorite part about this book, I just adore the world that Smith created here! I love fantasy books to begin with, there are virtually no limitations to where the story can go, only to the author’s imagination. And my friends, Smith’s imagination is quite extensive. This world of mages and all their hierarchy had me completely enamored from the very start.

bound by duty...Amelia

I love that we were, as readers, taking this journey and learning all these things about this world right along with the main character, Amelia, who was almost as naïve about it all as we were. It made an instant connection between the reader and the main character, which is always nice. Very well done.  I also enjoyed the intense element of mystery going on. Not only did we not know much about the mages, but we also never quite knew who to trust or what was going to happen next. It seemed as if everyone wanted to use Amelia to further their own ends, and that made it very hard to know who actually was telling her the truth or had HER best interests at heart. It constantly kept things interesting and kept me on my toes.

trust no one funny

Speaking of dogs, I absolutely loved dogs in this story, their unique gift was incredible! Why can’t that exist in the real world?!


For the most part, I liked Amelia. I have to say I liked her better by the end though, when she was a little more confident and strong. The other characters were pretty multidimensional and I have a feeling that we have only begun to scratch the surface of them. Amelia’s best friend Bethany was a breath of fresh air. She was strong, funny and a great friend. I honestly liked Micah, I thought he was interesting and he had an air of mystery that kept me intrigued. The same could be said for Aidan. I will say that I did find the romance between Aidan and Amelia to be a little immature, but realistically Amelia was kind of immature, thanks to the way she was brought up, so it made sense. Hopefully they will mature as the series progresses.


I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these characters and their  growing abilities, and just more of this magical world in general! This story did end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but it just ensured that I will definitely be reading the next book the minute I can get my hands on it!

its magical gif

Originally, this was to be a 2 part review, and my happy ass (Jen) was just going to swoop on in and add my two cents but I’m pretty sure that Tricia said everything I wanted to and more. Literally felt the exact same about everything, from the magic to the men(i have a little less love for Micah *ahem* douche), the fantastically awesome dogs (I mean really, I loved them). I enjoyed how Amelia’s magic was purple and she was one of a kind. But one of the best things about this book was Bethany, she was such a breath of fresh air. She’s just one of those best friends that you can throw anything at and she’ll roll with the punches or pull your idiot ass out of whatever nonsense you’ve delved into. Can’t wait for book 2!

We received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

By the way, totally thought this was going to be a porn/vamp book with added BDSM….. So glad it wasn’t lol


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