StayWithMe2-300x451  5 out of 5 stars

Ok….I have to admit I kind of went into this book thinking that it was going to be good, but not as good as the first book in the series (my personal favorite…until now that is). I mean pretty much anything JLA puts out there is going to be good, in my humble opinion. But Stay with Me ended up really surprising me. From page one I was completely enamored in this story. If you are like me and thought Cam and Avery were the best this series can get, my friends you MUST meet Calla and Jax! Give them the chance to wow you like they did me!

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Just like with any other JLA book this had a ton of sarcastic, nerdy humor, and totally awesome pop culture references. This author has a fantastic sense of humor and it always shines through in her books.

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Stay with Me had a TON of heart. Both Calla and Jax had interesting and heartbreaking pasts, in completely different ways, and once together they made sense in ways that not many other couples do. They completely worked for each other and I loved it! I loved the way Jax brought Calla slowly out of her shell, and at the same time my heart was heavy with the fact that in her 21 years virtually no one else ever made her feel accepted, or safe, or beautiful. I also really liked the fact that as the story progressed I honestly just kept liking both of these characters more and more!  I felt like this story had a little more action in it too, compared to the rest in the series, and I really enjoyed that extra element!  We also got introduced to a whole slew of new characters, and of course I already love them and can’t wait to see more of them!! Ahem….ROXY! Even better yet, I heard the next book in the series will be Roxy and Reece’s book! OMG CAN’T WAIT! It sounds as if that book will also have some more action in it, which I am super happy about.

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This series in general is really great. It’s some of the best NA out there , I love the lightness of the budding romances that is so starkly contrasted by the darkness of the issues these individuals are dealing with. Its the yin and the yang, they ultimately meld together and bring forth an emotional journey of epicness.

yin yang

You can always tell just how great a story is by your reluctance to physically put it down. I did not want to put this book down. I didn’t care about getting a good night of sleep (thank god I started this the night before I had a day off), I FORCED myself to put this up at 3am so I could get a few hours of sleep before starting the next day. Then I woke up (with a list of things I HAD to get done that day) and promptly sat my ass on the couch and finished the rest of this book. Needless to say I didn’t even start my day until after noon. But you know what…..totally worth it.

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    1. Yeah, she definitely does! Maybe that’s why I liked them so much! I didn’t dislike Theresa and Jase, but they weren’t my favorite characters, so I was glad for Calla and Jax this time around.

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