Just some updates…

Alright guys,

I know we haven’t been all that active with the blog lately and I’m sure we have some killer excuses! Either way, I’ll try my best to get my ass moving and get these reviews out. I just want to forewarn all of you, I am reading the Game of Thrones series, and if anyone has read that… it takes a long fucking time to get through one book! Example, I’m on book 2… it took a week to read book one, book 2 is much slower going.

So yeah..

In other news, the Harry Potter reread is still going strong. There’s still time to enjoy the most wonderful books either again or for the first time. Head on over to Book Journey to find out the latest and to be directed to other blogs that are participating.

Also, there is an Ondine Quartet series read along going on now. Both Tricia and myself have fallen in love with these books and can’t praise them enough. Nothing like a book hangover to start the holiday season. If you would like to participate in that one, head on over to http://writingventures.com and find it there. If this is a series that you think you can get into, don’t forget to pre-order the very last book (sobs) Breaker which comes out December 29th, and for right now only $0.99. Which is a freaking steal!

I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving, with the holidays approaching there may be a cutback in reading and reviewing but don’t think we’ve forgotten! We’re just naturally lazy lol!

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