Breaker by Emma Raveling


10 out of 5

Yes it was that good!

I know for a fact every time that I start a book by Emma Raveling that I’m about to be put through an emotional high speed blender. I have yet to meet an author like Emma that has no problem offing central characters, characters that you have grown to love, admire, and hope for the best. Breaker was no exception to this. It seemed like every few pages, my heart was breaking and Emma was laughing and stomping on the tattered remains of my emotions. I really do love you Emma!!

One of the greatest things about this series, is that I had no clue who the Shadow was. It’s possible that there was some foreshadowing and I never saw it, I will be re-reading this series again and soon. I think the shock of it was the simple fact that the Shadow had been in every aspect of Kendra’s life. The eyes remained the same. I’m just glad it isn’t who I thought it was going to be, I might have actually cried at that!

Breaker was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I can’t gush enough about this book, and it’s killing me that I can’t really say what I want to say! I’m really not one to give out spoilers, especially since this is the last book. But boy do I want to!

I want to spill all the secrets!

Saying goodbye to a favorite series is extremely hard to do. I am never ready for it, and it always takes me by surprise when I have to say goodbye. I felt like I was saying goodbye throughout the whole book, and I really was. I was saying goodbye 6% in and goodbye 96% in, like I said… EMOTIONAL! And Emma, be glad you didn’t do anything to that person by the summoning pool, I would have quit this book just as fast as I quit Marley & Me! There would have been tears and snot… so not playing lol!


I hate goodbyes, I hate knowing that there will never be another book about Kendra and Tristan again.

I’m not ready for this to be the end.

So please let me rock in my corner with my extremely large book hangover and just let me cry. I wasn’t ready, I lied when I said I was!

Goodbye Kendra and Tristan, we will meet again on the next re-read!


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