Burned by Karen Marie Moning


?? out of 5


It’s taken me a few days to sort through everything I want to say. At this point (still) I don’t know what to rate it. Burned by any means wasn’t a bad book, I guess I was expecting something different. Before I get into it, If you have never read The Fever Series please do so, Burned is the second book of The Fever World Series and book 7 of The Fever Series. This is a fantastic series that you should not miss out on!


Here’s my issue(s), Burned is book 2 of The Fever World Series, I point this out because this was not a Fever World Series book, this was a Mac and Barrons book with very little world…

At the end of book 5, Mac and Barrons had a good ending as main characters, it was written in a way that it opened up for the secondary characters to step up to the plate and take charge. For Mac and Barron to take the backseat and be the secondary characters, to be there but be in the background, never far. When Iced came out (book 6) it was from Dani’s POV, and although she was a bit on the annoying side, Karen Moning did what she was suppose to do and let Mac and Barrons drift to the back, being just slightly there.

In the book world, there was pandemonium. Complaints ranged from one end to the other, the most prevalent being Dani is 13 and Ryodan is trying to jump in her pants, pedo was tossed out there in the blogosphere without hesitation. I’ve re-read Iced, I don’t really see it… maybe thats just me. Ryodan is old, and pretty much immortal… please tell me what is 5 years to someone who has forever. Just because a character in a book is 13 doesn’t mean she won’t grow up. There’s a reason why it wasn’t an issue, that issue was solved in Burned!

No one had a problem with Twilight and Jacob with the baby, imprinting on her. Is it because there was an entire boring chapter explaining how imprinting works? You women who claim pedo on Ryodan had no issues with Jacob being a babysitter, then friend to lover… is it because you couldn’t read his impure thoughts like you can Ryodan? Let me just point out that Ryodan referenced the kind of woman she would turn out to be, he didn’t lure her into his bed promising world peace and candy. Ryodan was being… well, like Barrons. Controlling, domineering, not once did something sexual happen between the two of them.

Back on track…

It seems that Karen Marie Moning took a dive to please the masses, instead of writing the book the way that she wanted to.

Burned contained 65% Mac and pretty much 5% everyone else.

That does not make this a Fever World Series book, this makes it another Mac and Barrons book. And quiet frankly, not the Mac and Barrons I remembered. Mostly not the Mac I remembered.

So the question remains, would I recommend it? Yes, although it wasn’t the book I expected.

Will I continue with this series? Yes, because I love it!

But what I don’t want is another book like this, don’t get me wrong… I’m a huge Mac and Barrons fan, but don’t bring them back because you have to, because you feel like you have no choice in the matter. Bring them back into main characters because you want to. I would love to see the Fever World flourish, I want to see the rest of the secondary characters get a chance to have their voices heard. To see Dani, Kat, Ryodan, Kasteo, Jo, Lor, Fade, the Keltars, Cruce,  the Seelie Queen and the Unseelie King. There are so many characters in these books, these are what I want to see!



2 thoughts on “Burned by Karen Marie Moning

  1. Thankyou for all that hard work. I have never read this series. I love to read and see a ton of books i would devour. Yet because my husband drives OVR we usually spend our money on audio books for him because of course you can not drive and read. There are tons of books out that only come out on kindle so I miss a lot of them. Could you maybe post the book format . If you have not already and I missed it. You are doing great work and thank you again.


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