breaker by emma raveling  A MILLION PERFECT SHINING STARS!!!

list my feels

I just knew you were going to go and breaker my heart, Emma Raveling! And you did. You chipped little, and big pieces away throughout this book….nay…..this whole series. Breaker was everything I had wanted it to be, and a bunch of other things I didn’t know I wanted, or needed. It was the perfect combination of somberness and hopefulness. There wasn’t a single second of this that I would change, even the parts that broke me. They all added up to something so incredible. I felt like we experienced everything right along with Kendra. I felt every twinge of regret, hurt, betrayal, and loss.

the feelings

But I also felt the pride, hope, and ultimately love too. This was an emotional journey through the past, present, and a glimmer of hope for a better future. It wasn’t just Kendra who shinned though. Every character we have come to know and care for was a star. Tristan, Julian, Nexa, Chloe, Alex, Cam, Aubrey, Ian, Ray, Jeeves, and so many more, they were the truly magical parts of this story. They are what had me emotionally invested in the story.  I cared for each of them in so many different ways. It was so sad saying goodbye to them!

saying goodbye

It also must be said just how gorgeous the writing in this book was. It was poetic. It was word magic. I felt how grand it was going to be in the freaking prologue! It really set the tone for the entire book. I loved how everything connected at the end. I enjoyed guessing repeatedly at how everything was going to turn out, or different plot twists, and always ending up surprised! Especially when the answers were really there all along. I was also thankful for the few undercurrents of humor, and the small moments, the underscored wins in comparison to the larger battle going on.

salute to awesomeness

So thank you, Emma Raveling. Thank you for creating this incredible, unique world, full of magic, possibilities, and some of my favorite characters. Thank you for always keeping us readers on our toes, with your plot twists and revelations. And thanks for always being brave and ripping our hearts out, dragging them through the mud, and then magically putting them back together again. One of Daniel’s magical scans would surely show all the old injuries and magical residue around my savaged heart! But it was the price I paid for a perfect ending to a fantastic series!

thank you gif

   I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review


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