bound by spells by stormy smith 5 out of 5 stars

I feel like any book starts off with a line like, “I woke up naked-again.” is going to be something special. I feel as though I needed to be there for him, just can’t have him waking up all naked… with no one around… I volunteer as tribute (wait, wrong book, it’s okay, I’ll still watch over him) In this case, I was definitely right! Bound by Spells took all the things that I loved about the first book, Bound by Duty, and made them all ten times as awesome!

I absolutely adored the duo point of view with both Aidan and Amelia. It added so much to the story to be able to see each of them taking their own journey and growing towards the bigger picture. Aidan really shined in this book. *swoon. I couldn’t get enough of his story. Sometimes you need to look back and understand the past to be able to move forward and really devote yourself to a future. This couldn’t have been more true for Aidan. I was really surprised where the story took him, but in the best way. Amelia was fantastic in Bound by Spells. There was so much growth from the first book till this one. Here’s the thing about a good heroine, they don’t have to have it all figured out, they can be scared, or unsure, just so long as they’re strong, compassionate, and use the fear to fuel them to do what is right. Amelia is a great heroine, she was the embodiment of all of those things I believe to be good. I enjoyed watching her grow. She’s still struggling with her power in this book, but she’s learning, and she’s got an iron will, so you know that it is only a matter of time. I think this journey to get there is what is going to make her into someone strong and well rounded enough that can actually control the power she has inside of her, which is crucial.

If I’m being honest here, all the characters really were enchanting in this addition to the series. I feel like the fantasy element stole the show in BBD, which I loved, but I also appreciated the balance that Bound by Spells brought by giving us such rich, multidimensional characters to really root for, or against. That’s right, even the evil Queen was a star in this show! Micah’s dear old mum was much more heinous than I was anticipating. Queen Julia really stepped up her evil game, and I hated that I loved it so much! I am appalled by her actions, but I also couldn’t look away. It was interesting to learn some things about what started her down the dark path she is on now. It always starts with a dash of heartbreak doesn’t it?

your mom is hitler

Jen can we finally just agree that Micah is not a douchecanoe? I saw where you had some reservations in Bound by Duty, but come one, he had to have redeemed himself enough to appease even you in this one…..right? Say it Jennifer! You say you like Micah now! NO, I WILL NOT. 

say it!

you know it bruh


NO I DON’T, AND I QUOTE “You could have done something – ANYTHING – and you did NOTHING. THIS IS YOUR FAULT.”

Ok. Now one thing I know Jen and I both agree on is how absolutely kickass Bethany is! So many secondary characters seem to fall into two categories these days, the first of which, and maybe most used, being what I like to call the stepping stone category, which means that they are simply there to accentuate all the good things that your main character is, by being everything that person is not. EX…. The whore to the virgin, the liar to the honest, the shallow to the soulful and deep, I think you get my drift.  Or the second category, the filler category. Which is quite simply someone you get to look upon briefly who is not your main characters but really brings nothing substantial to the story by being there. Bethany basically gives the middle finger to both of those categories, and then curtseys, because she’s polite and just plain awesome like that!

simply the best

Now I’ll stop blabbing on and on and let Jen get a word or two in here!


Bound by Spells was pretty much everything I want in a sequel. It isn’t always about the main characters, sometimes it’s about the secondary characters, the ones who build up the back of the story. Not only did I fall back in love with Amelia and Aidan, I fell in love with some unexpected characters too (NO NOT MICAH, STILL A TOOL. NO TRICIA YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND).

Still at the top of my list for favorite characters is Bethany! I love her, I love her attitude about the entire situation. Even faced with being “human” she didn’t back down. Even with facing her kidnappers, she stood her ground. She is the type of person you want in your corner at all times. Bethany has enough spunk to put the most vicious person/animal in its place.

I can say with a lot of honesty that I walked into this book thinking that I would only like the cast of characters the way they are, and no more. I love them more now, and there’s more of them to love too. My heart broke for Elias and Dillon, but the end spin on Bound by Spells just about had me in tears of happiness. I never would have imagined that outcome. I felt like the Grinch.

Which leads me to the crazy, off her fucking rocker, all Heil Hitler, little miss genocide Queen Julia. and if you think for a minute that my description above is over exaggerated then you just wait my friends.

“Mages were put in charge of the people because we are the purest lines. We are not animals.”

“Ensuring that our bloodlines are pure and we have eradicated all those animals.”

“I have spent my life trying to cleanse our people of these mixed races and put the classes back where they belong.”

I mean seriously, Queen Julia is…. I really have no words for what she is, I feel like every time I read something that comes out of her mouth, I need to gear up for WWIII. No joke, this woman is batshit crazy. I felt the need to apologize to all Immortal on behalf of the Genocide Queen. She actually made me chuckle a few times with the amount of crazy that was spewing out. The Queen in all seriousness reminded me of Hitler, and somehow I don’t think she’s going to let up anytime soon.

And this also leads me to one of my most unlikely favorite characters, Baleon. I didn’t think I would ever say it, but he is one of my favorites and I have a feeling it has to do with a certain someone being bound by a spell (heehee) and a Hunter who put it there. I think that Baleon was that Hunter, and for that he saved someone who is extremely important.

I can’t wait for the next book. But these cliffhangers are killing me!! KILLING ME, I TELL YOU!!! Pretty please don’t make us wait long!


Thank you so much Stormy Smith for giving us the opportunity to read and honestly review Bound by Spells!!


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