delirium  4 out of 5 stars

  HUGE things are happening in the Reveler series in Delirium! The nightmares aren’t confined to the Scrape any longer. We sort of got some peeks at this in the last book, with a few sightings of the nightmares harassing Revelers in the waking world. In Delirium all hell is breaking loose. The nightmares are running amuck everywhere! To the point that it’s not only Revelers that are in danger, it’s everyone.

There is already something so scary and sinister feeling to having your dreams become unsafe, sleeping is quite truly when people are most vulnerable. Not to mention that it’s also ultimately unavoidable. You can go awhile without sleeping, but eventually, whether you like it or not, sleep will come for you. So now our group of favorite rebel revelers are starting to grasp the full scale of the upcoming attack from the nightmares, and no one is safe in the dream or waking world.

The initial attack was launched in this book, which was frightening enough, but we know that it’s only the beginning, because the Sandman is coming and he is far worse than any nightmare. I’ll admit that after book 5 and getting the first glimpses at the Sandman, I was really hoping to see more of him in this book. Unfortunately he is only mentioned in the sense that his time will be coming in the next addition to the series. So while I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t in Delirium, at least his soldiers, so to say, were finally making their big moves.

I’m really curious about the addition of this cult following of people that the Sandman has, the Oneiros. They have become quite the nuisance in the past few books. Even more so because they are actually human and have infiltrated so many faucets of the world associated with the Revs and even the government. It makes it nearly impossible to trust anyone.

The last line of this book was kind of a killer! I am dying to know for sure the identity of the nightmare that snuck into Maze city! I can’t wait to see what craziness happens next in Sandman!!

  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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