The Accidental Hero - Matt Myklusch


   The Accidental Hero was, I think, one of those fun books for any age! It is geared towards middle grade age, but I had no problem getting interested and staying such throughout the whole story. Actually I found a couple of the references, in particular the thoughtful pokes at standardized testing and whatnot, to be rather sophisticated. 


   I enjoyed the non stop action, and really liked watching the characters develop from beginning to end. I really dug the whole Imagine Nation (extra points for the awesome word play).


It was such a unique place that I really look forward to seeing more of!  The School of Thought sounded like a pretty rad place to be, with all the growing superhero/supervillains attending. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to superhero school, really?! 


    Jack was an easy character to like and root for. He was kind, brave, and just trying to figure things out and do the right thing. I have to say I was honestly surprised with the twist at the end and I really enjoyed that! It was an interesting way to go with the story and it really guaranteed that I’ll be continuing on with this series. I believe fans of Percy Jackson or Harry Potter type books will enjoy this story as well. 

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