Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper - J.L. Bryan



   “Sweet,” Stacy said. “Well, let’s go check out the dark basement of the abandoned insane asylum. Nothing could possibly go wrong down there.”


   Yeah I’d definitely be like





   But naturally, Ellie, ghost trapping extraordinaire, has no problem sucking it up and facing down plenty of extra creepy ghosties. For Ellie ghost trapping is more than just a job, it’s pretty much her whole life. I really liked the different approach here where Ellie  looked at ghosts and hunting them from a more scientific standpoint. It was definitely an interesting take on things. I definitely got a vibe that she was kind of a lone wolf and had a hard time opening up to people.


   I’d say this story was more plot driven than character driven, which was peachy because the plot was strong. Things definitely took a turn around the halfway point which was really when the whole creep factor of this book stepped way up. That’s not to say that the characters were flat in any way, honestly there was certainly enough there for my curiosity to be very piqued! Since this is book one in the series I am hoping to see some more character development in the coming books. Especially more from Ellie and hopefully Jacob too. I was slightly bummed that Jacob was not in more of the story, I think the addition of such a strong psychic really made things even more interesting. Ellie, Stacy and Jacob seemed to make a pretty good team, especially considering this was their first time all working together. I see a lot of promise there!


    The ghosts were truly the highlight of this story. It took a little while for them to really come out to play, but once they did it set a definite creeptastic tone. Some of the descriptions were down right chilling. All in all this was a solid ghost story, and I really dug the ghostbuster like idea of trapping ghosts in ghost proof containers, what’s even more interesting is what Ellie does with them once they are trapped! I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes next!





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