The Medium Path - Elizabeth  Davies



     Okay I really enjoyed a lot about this story. I found the idea of a medium who had passed over and become a spirit guide, someone who guides the recently deceased to where they are supposed to go, very intriguing. Funny enough I have totally been cracking out to the show Medium on Netflix recently, so this book couldn’t have come along at a better time.


      There were many layers to this story, each one interesting in it’s own right. It does initially start out a little slower, well maybe slow isn’t the right word, more like there was a decent amount of time spent explaining the idea behind spirit guides, what they do, how they came to be, etc. But after you get the detailed rundown the action really takes off, in a few different fun directions.


     Ruby, the mc and my favorite spirit guide, had been helping lost souls find their way to the light for a very long time. She mostly had it down to an art at this point, with the exception of a few pain in the rear, stubborn spirits who found the ghostly life to be a lot more exhilarating than the mystery of what comes after the light. Well that is until a bizarre darkness starts sneaking in and seizing the spirits before Ruby has a chance to help them get to where they truly belong. Ruby, along with a handful of fellow spirit guides, and a few living mediums, join forces to find these missing spirits and who exactly is behind these abductions.




    There was also a romance element going on here, which was definitely interesting, especially considering their……extreme differences. I did like the romance here, but it did seem like it went from 0 to 10 rather quickly.


 It’s okay fast romance, it’s me, not you.


    I really enjoyed the spirit guides and I thought a lot of Ruby’s dealings with helping the newly dead were definitely highlights in the story! Each person had such an interesting tale to tell, whether it be the way they died, their dealing with being recently deceased, or their plans now that they were no longer living.



    So all the other stuff that was going on just seemed like added bonuses! I have read quite a few ghost stories, even a few with mediums/psychics but I have to say this may be the first I have read that dealt with all of that but from the other side. It was really neat to get the perspective of someone who had already passed and their take on things. I think people with an interest in ghosts, mediums, or a more suspenseful type of thriller (more mysterious than scary), will quite enjoy this fresh take on this otherworldly stuff.



      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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