Tied (A Fire Born Novel) (Volume 1) by McMann, Laney (2013) Paperback - Laney McMann


 No. Just…no. You ever haul ass through a book in less than 24 hours just so you can be done with it and move on with your life and precious spare time? Yeah. That just happened. It’s a real bummer to considering how excited I was to start this book. I’m sorry but if I had to sum this book up in one word it would be disjointed. Everything took WAY too long to come together and even attempt to start making sense, and quite honestly if you have to wait until the last pages to have things start coming together, something isn’t right. I had exactly 5% interest in this story by then, sorry.



    The characters were just as muddled as the plot. I had no investment in Layla, the MC, whatsoever. She was so annoying throughout the entirety of this book, at least that held true through and through…I guess.



Seriously, she was rude to everyone that cared about her, she whined ALL THE TIME, and she was just so naïve! I’m not sure there was a character that I enjoyed, maybe the Grandmother, who was in the story for about 2 minutes. Yeah, she seemed okay.



I couldn’t even consider Max as a character I might have liked for the simple fact that he found enough things about Layla to actually love. What the hell? Where were these redeemable qualities? Is there some kind of decoder ring and secret text I wasn’t aware of?!


    Onwards to the plot…..or the severe lack of one in my opinion. I get that Layla was being kept ignorant of pretty much everything, for her safety or whatevs, but no way does that make it acceptable, or any way enjoyable, for the reader to be forced to be content with absolutely nothing cohesive until the very end. 70% of this book was Layla whining about not knowing anything, which I almost want to sympathize with since I felt kind of the same whilst reading this. Through in there some weird events happening, but them being so short and clipped that you, much like the MC herself, couldn’t even be sure that they actually happened!!


    Ok so I did bump this up to 1.5 stars for the fact that at the very end, once things started actually happening, they really exploded. There were a lot of good ideas there, but the execution was severely lacking. It was as if, no not as if….you literally got bombarded with an entire universe and all of it’s otherworldly inhabitants. I didn’t see the world building here, I got knocked upside the head with a world explosion.



 Even though there were some potentially great concepts there, which there were, I was too far removed from everything to have it bring me back. And it was just too much information to take in all at once. The otherworldliness was the highlight of this story, there was some real creativity in there, I wish it would have been at the very least sprinkled throughout the story so I would have had a hope of getting invested and not have been so overwhelmed once it did happen.



 Unfortunately not series I would likely continue on with.


     I received a copy of this book from J. Taylor Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review



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