Out of Time - Beth Flynn





     I’m pretty sure Beth Flynn just broke my brain. This book was non-stop mind fuckery. I’ll just go ahead and apologize now for the incoherent ramblings that are sure to ensue.


     Out of Time was the second book in the Nine Minutes series. I actually just read Nine Minutes around a month or so ago and I absolutely loved that one as well. Where Nine Minutes was mostly just one huge flashback of Ginny’s abduction and the ramifications of it in her present life, Out of Time was a combination of flashbacks from not just Ginny, but many of your favorite characters, including Grizz and Tommy (aka Grunt). Which I LOVED every second of! You also got to see the fallout from the HUGE revelation at the end of the first book.


    Unfortunately for you guys, this book is so full of intricate plot twists with about a million shock and awe moments, that I can’t really say anything else about any of it without giving things away. And I in no way wish to ruin the awesomeness that was the story for anyone.



    BUT I will tell you guys that this plot was maybe one of the best that I have ever read. There were so many twists and turns, and the sheer amount of deceptions from EVERYONE was just staggering. I swear my head was spinning through this entire book. Every time we would find out one thing….BAM a few pages later another huge shot to the heart!


 Right in the feels. My feels are dead now.  


    I am honestly blown away by how Beth Flynn even came up with all of this madness, let alone how she possibly kept all of it straight and managed to connect each piece expertly together.


    I seriously think she’s some kind of emotion wringing, brilliant, mind bending, story weaving cyborg. And I think I love her.


   This story was just as raw and gritty as the first one. I think Flynn has a fabulous way of really showing some of the best and worst in people. Her characters are incredibly multidimensional. All that depth she put into the plot can also be found in each individual character, and the story was even more fantastic for it. There is no black and white in these stories, everyone is a varying shade of grey, and there is nothing dull about any of them. As dark as this can be, it also is full of love, even if it is the slightly unhinged, obsessive, would kill a motherFer for it, kind of love.


    I highly recommend this series, especially for fans of darker romances full of action and suspense. Word to the wise though, go in knowing that almost nothing is what it seems and each person in it is capable of great, and terrible things. Chances are though, you’ll still end up feeling just like I do, which looks something like this….


 And you’ll love it!

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