My Forever - Kira Adams


     My Forever is the second book in the Infinite Love series. I was pretty excited to see Madalynne be the star of the show in this book. Her along with her long time beau Parker. In the beginning they had every appearance of being the perfect couple…



Then something tragic happened, Madalynne’s brother died. While it was dramatic enough of a story line, and the ensuing rifts between the Disney like couple were completely understandable, grief does crazy things to people, I felt like something was missing. It was clear the hurdles they were facing were probably going to be mended with time. And if I’m being completely honest, the perfect couple…..yeah they just aren’t as captivating as you would think.  You’re kind of left feeling like you want to stomp on all that perfection a little, ya know?



    Here’s the fabulous thing though, about halfway through something AWESOME happened. These unblemished beings started to actually come to life! Revealing the chinks in their armor made this story come alive. Even better was the down-to-Earth problems that they had. It was absolutely refreshing to have such real issues, that seem so seldom explored compared to the highly dramatic ones. Because to me, that’s real life, it’s not always the huge things that tear couples apart, it’s the intangible little things. It’s growing up and making huge life decisions that may ultimately send you and your significant other in separate directions, it’s the uncertainty of your future and if the things you’ve always known are really the best things for you. I was so thankful for this addition.



    Funny enough, the characters actually having flaws made them that much more engaging to me. I liked that Madalynne and Parker could be selfish sometimes. Even when I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the choices they made, it was still bewitching, I couldn’t look away, and for awhile there I was really unsure how things would ultimately turn out. Which going in, I did not see being an issue at all. It was the best turn of events all the way around.


    I have crazy good feelings about the next book now too. We were introduced to the next stars in this book, and what a stark contrast they are to these characters! I really enjoy all the range that this author is showing, and I look forward to seeing what is next.

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