Midnight Burning - Karissa Laurel


   Wow! Admittedly I had read a few early reviews of this from my buddies and I already had a good feeling about this book, but I still always go in to something like this with certain doubts that it will end up being as good as everyone says. Fear not, friends, I can say this truly lived up to all the hype!



I really wasn’t quite sure how big the fantasy element was going to be here, especially throughout the first third of the book. It was a slower paced accession into that fantasy element, which I was actually grateful for. It enabled the mystery to build to peak height, and then crest with a glorious turn of events that I didn’t quite see coming. Maybe those better versed in that specific area might grab the clues earlier on, but even if you’re like me and you didn’t, it was the perfect pacing to be eased into it along with the main character, who was just as naïve. I was so invested in the mystery of Sol’s brother’s death already, so when the world started to open up I was even more amped to continue!



The characters were just as alluring and mysterious as the plot. I couldn’t get enough of them. Sol was the best! I loved how down to Earth she was. She seemed to this average young woman who was kind of thrust into this awful situation, being so far away from home for the first time, and on a mission to find out what exactly happened to her poor brother. I really respected how assertive she was, even though she was scared and completely out of her element, and surrounded by a bunch of people who clearly knew more than they were letting on, she still managed to keep pushing for answers with her head held high. I liked that she was such a strong character, but she also knew her limitations, she pushed limits but still used her head in situations. She was smart enough to know when she was in over her head, or when to not be a smartass, and those qualities are not to be undervalued! I especially loved it when she ultimately decided to become more self sufficient too. It’s always nice to see a damsel in distress start to tale the reins and fight for herself too, rather than sit back and wait for a prince to save the day.


All the other characters we learned more and more about as the story progressed, and boy were they all incredible too! And I know we only have just begun to really get to know them! I seriously couldn’t get enough, the more I learned the more I wanted to know.


This wasn’t really a cliffhanger ending, but it was apparent that this story is not finished, now I just need to survive the torturous wait until book 2!!!



Jen’s thoughts:


For the most part, I agree with everything that Tricia said. After the first 40% things most definitely picked up, but it was that 40% that had me questioning if I had the patience to keep on going. I even took a few days off from reading Midnight Burning, I text Tricia who assured me that I needed to stick it out, that all of the beginning stuff that I called “nonsensical crap” was worth my time.


It was so hard not to blab what I knew was coming, because I KNEW it was right up your alley! Brownie points for me, yay! lol


AND… she was right



Although Midnight Burning was slow at the beginning, once I finished I realized that it didn’t take anything away from the book. It just made it that much better and also made me realize I have the attention span of a freaking gnat.

I went into this with absolutely no idea what it was about, I had a conversation with Tricia where she fangirled to me about getting a request to review it (yeah, I totally did the fangirl happy dance when we got the email, not even going to lie). Never once did I expect that Midnight Burning would encompass one of my absolute favorite things in the world.


And no, you get no spoilers here!



I cannot wait for book 2, I mean there has to be a book 2…right??

P.S. I don’t like Val, something is way up with him. He’s got my spidey senses in overdrive!


Jen, I totally agree something seemed shady with him!




We received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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