Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements) - Jennifer L. Armentrout



    Okay so I am a pretty big JLA fan, and while I mostly enjoyed this series….it wasn’t really my favorite. I think my biggest issue with this series as a whole was, quite frankly, Layla. I liked the idea of her more than I actually liked her. The idea of this person who quite literally was both sides of the token, both “good” and “evil” sounded great to me! But I think where it fell short with me is that, with the exception of a few badass comments here and there in this last addition, Layla really only embraced the “good” side of herself. And to be honest, it was a little disappointing. Now I was glad to see her finally accept herself in this book, but I really would have liked to see more of that throughout the series, and turned up a few notches too boot. I mean look at Roth, he’s a demon who, besides having Layla’s back, was pretty much up to no good on a regular, and you know what, I loved it! I get that a huge point of this story was that no one is really all good or bad, I get that. I guess I would have liked to see Layla not only accept that, but to blatantly OWN it.




    I have to say I really enjoyed the side characters more so than the main character. Well, with the exception of Roth, he was pretty awesome, and always entertaining.



Seriously though can we get like a Cayman novella or something out of this?! I honestly loved the demons so much better than the Wardens! Each demon we came across was interesting to me! I would have loved to see a story more focused on them! The whole Warden holier than thou attitude was off putting to me. Yet another area where I thought they were better in theory, at least for me. One of my absolute favorite things in this story were the familiars! Omg can that please be in real life one day?! These magical animals that bonded with their hosts were all kinds of amazing. And Bambi the Warden eating monster snake was at the very tip top of my favorite list! At one point in this story I actually teared up at a scene with Bambi. I felt immediately transported back to my childhood years where I pretty much felt more for animals than I did other humans lol.



    Ultimately if you’ve already read the other two you don’t want to miss this one, lots of stuff goes down….Layla finally chooses between Roth and Stoney, which was a huge thing with the fans in war over which one she should be with! Things wrap up rather nicely. It was a fitting conclusion. And you even get a brief encounter with the Boss at one point, which was way cool! I really liked the world JLA created here, and I think it would be sweet if we got to explore the darker side of it more in a future book. Who knows, maybe one day!

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