By Sarah J. Maas Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass) (First Edition) - Sarah J. Maas


   I’m embracing the cold medicine induced calm right now and getting this down, so basically be prepared for the brief incoherent babble to commence…..right now.



   I’m honestly not completely sure how I feel about this book as a whole. I was immensely relieved to see the love triangle mostly figured out in the first half. I’m not necessarily opposed to love triangles in general, but this particular one was just something I never really got invested in. Truth be told, I was hoping Calaena would choose someone anyone, just so I didn’t have to hear about it anymore. Literally could have been the chimney sweep and I wouldn’t have cared.



So she does choose in this book YAY! I feel like a decent chunk of the story was devoted to her romantic situations though, which was kind of disappointing, but only because I personally am much more interested in the fantasy element here which is FANTASTIC! I would much rather spend more time illuminating different faucets of this rich world, than seeing Celaena make out in a broom closet. But hey, maybe that’s just me.


   There were some pretty spectacular developments, even if it took awhile to get to them. Every little glimpse of magic we get in this story is incredible. I really keep waiting for that to explode because when it does, I think it will be glorious. I am especially liking the new happenings with Prince Dorian! We also got an idea about what the King has been scheming, and a peek at some of the players in the resistance. And with the way that Crown of Midnight ended, I am thinking that the next book is going to have both parties making their public moves against one another. Or at least that’s my hope.






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