Love the smell of plagiarism in the morning….


   Just kidding. I don’t love it, and I couldn’t smell it even if it had an odor cause I’m still down with the sickness, but I’m sure if I could, that it would stink!



So I woke up this morning to a Goodreads message from Steph over @ Cuddlebuggery alerting me to the fact that a fellow blogger (and I use this term loosely) had plagiarized my Hunter review that I posted about 2 weeks ago. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about it. I mean kind of just disappointed that someone would do that, but also semi laughable that the best she thought she could do was my cold medicine induced ramblings. 



   I guess I mostly just don’t get it. Like it’s not really required that you write book reviews so why bother with it at all? Apparently there have been at least 15 other reports of plagiarism against her since last night. So really I just wanted to let you guys know of this person so you can make sure that you aren’t one of the many being wronged. Here is her Goodreads profile:

And her Blog:



  A lot of the reviews she copied have already been removed from Goodreads, thankfully. She does like to mish-mash multiple blogger’s reviews together, so watch out for that. I am rather curious if she sent that plagiarized review of Hunter to Disney via NetGalley, because that’s where she got the ARC from. 



 I really got to see both sides of the token though. On one side there’s the ugliness of someone copying your work and trying to pass it off as their own, but there was also the person that took the time to read through multiple reviews to find this issue (after they found their work copied as well) and give the bloggers being used a heads up. Thanks to Steph’s diligence and so many other bloggers coming together to spread the word about this unfortunate situation, a lot of these copied reviews have already taken down, and more people know to look out for this behavior. Hopefully the offender learned a lesson and won’t continue being such a douchecanoe. 





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