A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas



    I LOVED this book. I mean what’s not to love, a Beauty and the Beast retelling with Fae?! And the Fae were gloriously depicted here. Haughty, dangerous, magical and completely alluring. I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time in their captivating world. Prythian was so mysterious and enchanting, a place full of extreme beauty and danger.


   The characters were fabulous as well. Maas has a penchant for writing such rich, strong heroines. Feyre was a good mix of beauty and beast, I think. Tamlin may have been the one to shift from man to beast, but Feyre had a little beast of her own inside her. She was a young woman shaped by a rough life full of hard decisions. It can be difficult to see the beauty in the world when you’re struggling so hard just to survive in it. I especially loved watching her actually come to life in her time spent in Prythian.



    “When he finished, I tipped back my head and howled, my laughter like sunshine shattering age-hardened ice.”


    Tamlin was pretty much everything I thought he would be. He made a great Beast. I thought Lucien was a nice addition, his general smartassery was right up my alley. And I am totally intrigued with the curveball that is Rhysand! I need to know more about him! Seriously….so much more.


    The writing was gorgeous as well. Maas is wonderful storyteller, the imagery was bold and rich and I loved every second of it!  I am so excited that the ending of this story left a lot gloriously open for more to happen in this amazing world that Maas has created. I will be waiting with bated breath until the next book comes out!

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