Dreamweavers - C.C. Ravanera


    It’s not too often that I can say a book genuinely surprised me, but this one really did! I thought I had a semi-solid idea of where things were heading, but I was way off. I had never even considered it. And let me tell you, it was a way cool twist. Sorry about the general vagueness here, but I wouldn’t dream of giving anything away, and it just needed to be said how pleasantly surprised I was with the direction the story took.


    Now it must also be said that, I felt like, it took awhile to actually get into the story. It started off rather slow, just some hushed whispers of bigger things potentially happening. Lots of getting to know the Dreamweaver people and the what they do, which totally made sense and all but it wasn’t initially grabbing my attention. The Dreamweavers also seemed to be kind of detached emotionally for the most part, which in turn took me longer to actually get invested in the characters. It was so crazy though because one minute I’m dragging along and then…



    The story just took off. So many things were happening. I was actually growing attached to these characters, especially Anima who was thawing out and coming to life. I mean all of the sudden I was 110% invested in everything. I couldn’t put the book down. This was not what I was expecting at all in the very best way!




   The world was suddenly getting larger and more intriguing, new mysterious characters were being introduced, and everything I thought I knew was shattered, but built back up richer and more enchanting than ever. I think the author took some bold chances with certain things and it really paid off in a big way.


    There didn’t really appear to be a romance going on, but there were a few potentials for sure. Which I appreciated. It was nice not to be thrown into insta-love or any love triangles for once. I like that we are getting a chance to really get to know these characters before Anima is pairing up with anyone. So far I’m really digging Azrael! He’s dark, mysterious, and seems to know more about what is going on and how to help Anima than anyone else. We really didn’t get to see or learn too much about him in this book, but I think that will (HOPEFULLY!) change in the next book. Quite honestly I found almost all the side characters to be interesting as well. I really got the feeling that we have only grazed the surface of most of them and there will be a lot more to them in the future, which is exciting!


     So I say if you’re in the mood for a new urban fantasy give this one a try! Now I just need to go find out when I can get my hands on book 2!




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