The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater


   I’ve been trying to think of what to say about this story and sort through my confusing thoughts on how I feel about it….and after a week of that, I am not any closer to being able to put any of these scattered thoughts into any kind of eloquent review. So I’ll just throw what I got out here for you.


  I think more than anything, I was kind of let down. I have heard people RAVE about this book so I went in with some pretty high expectations, which ultimately set me up to be disappointed. I guess I was just expecting more. More action, more plot development, more intrigue, more character development, just more of so many things that left me wanting for far too long to call this book a big success for me. The pacing was basically glacial, and by the time things got around to being thoroughly interesting, I was already in a state of being mostly disinterested.



   I will say that I thought the writing style was unique and quirky, and so were some of the characters. Blue and Gansey seemed to be the only two that felt fully fleshed out. I think the rest of the Raven boys felt like stereotypical sidekicks that didn’t bring too much new to the table. I found their whole friendship to be rather odd, the fact that they were all pretty much together just because Gansey collected misfits. It left the whole thing feeling disjointed to me.



    I did find Blue’s whole family to be fascinating and once the plot did start taking off there was a lot of neat things happening. I would probably give the second book a try and see where things go from here. I’d say that the next book will be the one to either get me invested in this series or convince me to cut my losses and walk away.




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  1. I’m sorry you were disappointed in this! I will say that I think the plot of these books are a little confusing and ridiculous, but I am so in LOVE with the characters. They get even more fleshed out in the next book – especially Ronan – but they are probably some of my favorite characters ever.

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    1. Well that’s good to know! I would love to see some more character development in the next book, that could make a huge difference on how I feel about these books. It’s hard to not really like a story once you’re invested in the characters.

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