The Divide  - E.J. Mellow


   Okay, I am having some serious issues forming complete thoughts at this moment. That was….awesome! The Divide was everything that I hoped for in a sequel. It was one of those reads where you want to devour it all at once, and simultaneously savor it slowly so you spend as much time as possible immersed in this dreamy world. I absolutely loved the fact that we got to spend so much of this book in Terra!! I was so intrigued by this wondrous dreamland in The Dreamer, but I really fell in love with it in this book. And the fact that Dev was there, well it certainly added to the appeal.



   Seriously, I was so wrapped up in the dream guy that I completely forgot about the waking world boyfriend, Jared. I was kind of disappointed once I did remember about him. I’ve been team Dev since the beginning. But I am a sucker for the slow budding romance, and Mellow did this perfectly! It was done with my preferred romance cocktail of internal longing, humor, and that glorious balance of not knowing whether they want to shin kick each other or kiss.

“Dev pins me with his beauty, his desire, and- I take note- his anger. Every one of my cells jump with his sudden presence, and in this precarious place, with this hedonistic music spinning around us, the Molly that’s telling me I should step away and clear my head, at this point, is a shell of a woman. But the other Molly, the one who wants to push Dev into the shadows, well, she just downed a protein shake and is stronger than ever.”

     I really enjoyed seeing Molly come into her role as the Dreamer, and what being such really means. I think we have only just begun to learn some of the amazing things she can accomplish. I also thought the correlation between the brewing war with the Metus in Terra and the rise of awful things happening in the real world was a neat idea. It was especially interesting to see how that had previously played out throughout history. The Metus are a fearsome foe. To think that all it takes is a touch to be totally consumed by the evil and complete hopelessness, just to become the very thing that you were fighting against a moment before. Good or bad, I just can’t get enough of Terra and all it’s inhabitants. Which is what has me kind of worried, because as we all know…


“But then all too quickly, like a Metus invading, I’m reminded of something, We must all wake up from dreams.”

     I’m so freaking nervous for what is going to happen in the next book….that ending was crazy! I’m devastated by it, and yet, still holding onto hope. Now begins the torturous wait to see what happens next.



  I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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