Freed by Him - G. Barton Chapple


   So you may have noticed I’ve been on quite a fantasy and paranormal kick lately. It’s been a bit since I have read a contemporary romance. As much as I thoroughly enjoy fantasy, I have to say that it was pretty nice to read this to shake things up a little. I almost forgot how nice a story like this can be. There is a glorious simplicity in a romance story that I really like. Without all the intricate world-building, there is a hard focus on the character’s development. Romance is intimate in more ways than one. And Chapple did fabulously well with this set of characters!


   With the warning of mature content on this and the blurb I thought this book would be a lot darker than it ended up being. I actually thought that Freed by Him was more focused on moving forward, and carrying on after something devastating happens. One thing I appreciated was how strong (inside and out) Lena was. I also loved the underlying messages about what strength means and truly is. Lena was tough and independent, and that was great, but the emphasis on the strength involved in being able to trust other people enough to let them in and accept a helping hand here and there was a welcome addition. I was also thankful for such a great leading man too! Nate was strong, kind, and a genuine good guy. They were a fabulous couple and you couldn’t help rooting for them to figure their stuff out and make things work.


    Another high point to bring up is that even the side characters were interesting. I always give high points to an author that doesn’t use side characters as only a way to boost your feelings about the main ones. If you have them there, I want them to have a legitimate role to play. Maddie was a good friend to Lena and I enjoyed their fun and endearing relationship. I wouldn’t mind getting a future book with her as a lead, just sayin’!!


    This story line was equally as engaging as the characters, I honestly couldn’t put it down. I devoured it in a day! There were a few different plot lines going on between Lena’s past hurts and her subsequent current issues, and there was also some interesting things happening with Nate and his family, that I hope we figure out more about in the second book. It was riveting stuff and I look forward to seeing where things go from here. Of course there were a few really steamy parts in here too. The chemistry between Nate and Lena was spectacular! There was one hell of a cliffhanger at the end!! But this is just the first installment in Nate and Lena’s story and the concluding part is yet to come. After that ending, especially, I am desperate to see how everything plays out!! 


     I an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review 

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