Sacrificial Lamb Cake - Jaimey Grant;Wendy Swore;Rita J. Webb;Paige Ray;Jeanne Voelker;K. G. Borland;Gwendolyn McIntyre;Katrina Monroe;S. M. Carrière



    Well, I can definitely say that this story was one HELL of a ride. *Bad pun intended!* I have to admit that when I was asked to read and review this, I was slightly hesitant. I’m not typically keen on heavy religiously themed stories, but honestly, the blurb and the way the author described it won me over. Especially when I started thinking that it sounded vaguely similar, with the modern day comedic based religious theme, to one of my favorite movies…Dogma.




So yeah, that solidified it for me. I know what you’re probably thinking…




and with that, I say to you



Okay, Okay, back to the story. So I went for it, and honestly I am glad I did. The hilarious plot line of a tattooed, orange haired, trucker mouthed, lesbian being the second coming, and the big G and his disciples being the heads of a huge corporation, and Judas as the ultimate anti-hero, I loved every second of all of that!



Even with the comedic awesomeness aside, the characters were compelling, the action scenes were engaging, and the visuals that the author painted were extremely vivid, whether it was the urban setting, an exceedingly grotesque foe, or even a steamy little romp. Monroe seriously knows how to tell a story. The sarcasm, and medium use of profanity were just extra little perks, like the yummy cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae.




I also appreciated that you didn’t have to be well versed in the bible to get a lot of what was going on and who key players were. I would say that even a person with very little biblical knowledge would easily be able to follow along and recognize most, if not all the big names.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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