Blonde Eskimo: A Novel - Kristen Hunt


   Blonde Eskimo was such a pleasant surprise, at the absolute best time. I’ve been in a serious reading slump lately and this was the perfect book to pull me out of it! I was initially drawn to the gorgeous cover, and the blurb only added to my intrigue. Luckily the inside was just as magically delicious as the outside!


   Probably my favorite part of Blonde Eskimo was the Alaskan setting and mythology. It was something very different than anything else I have read thus far, and I couldn’t get enough! I had no idea Eskimos had so much interesting folklore. It was expertly weaved into each page of this story, and brought to life in so many incredible ways. Reading this was like falling down the rabbit hole into a magical Alaskan Wonderland, and quite frankly I wasn’t ready to leave once it ended! One thing Hunt really nailed was the imagery. She had a plethora of unique and fantastic creatures and beings in her story, and each one was crafted with great imagination and care.


  I also enjoyed the close bonds between the characters, and with their families. It was really neat to see how they all cared for each other and were there to help guide Neiva through the enormous transition in her life. I love when a novel highlights supporting characters too, rather than just using them as a tool to make the main character look better in comparison. I quite liked all the characters in this story. I can’t think of one that I honestly didn’t want to see more of! Neiva had her immature moments, but this is a YA novel, and the first book in what I hope is intended for a series, so I hope to see her mature a little as the story goes.


   I am really curious to see where this story goes next! I feel like we got a decent glimpse at this wondrous world Hunt has created here, and I for one need more!  



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