Blocked - Elise Faber


   I loved this book! It had hockey, romance, and the characters were some of my favorites! They say “write what you know” and Faber knows hockey, and apparently romance as well! Her passion for the sport really came through every page. I never played hockey, but I LOVE to watch it! I mean I am from Detroit, aka…

Well not Detroit exactly, but close enough!



Hockey is fast paced and the players are so in tune with one another, most days anyway lol, it’s very exciting to watch! The brisk chill from the ice, and passionate fans only amp up the whole experience too. I couldn’t even imagine how much more so it must be for the players! And I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a few players that I like to pay extra close attention to *cough Henrik Zetterberg cough*




So needless to say a hockey romance sounded A-Okay with me.


romeo and juliet hockey edition

Okay, this gif has no real reason to be here except for being hilarious! You’re welcome 🙂



The best part is it was so well done. A nice slow burn. I really appreciated that Brit and Stefan developed a friendship, and maybe more importantly, a close bond as teammates before things got romantic. That paired with their off the chart chemistry made this a very swoon-worthy read!





Okay, so besides the romance, I thought the characters were individually awesome too! Let the Brit gushing commence!! She was such an inspiration! I love a story with a strong woman as a main character. I thought Brit being the first woman to play in the NHL was such a cool story! The way she handled the guys on and off the ice was just perfection. I had had this picture of her in my mind as this ninja-like badass!!


ronda rousey goalie skills


I think stories, and characters like this are so important, and quite frankly I wish that there was more of them! Faber really handled this aspect of the story amazingly as well. From the first awkward locker room incident, to the way the media and lots of people viewed Brit, to the way the team and the coach reacted, and ultimately embraced having a woman be a part of the team. Everything felt so real. I had no problem envisioning these situations being things that a woman would have to deal with under these circumstances. Brit carried herself very well, but also was a perfect person either. She made mistakes, and better yet, she OWNED them when the time came. I was completely in awe of Brit and couldn’t help but to root for her.


youre a badass



Stefan was a great leading man, as well. At the very beginning I honestly thought that he was going to end up being the typical Alpha male, play-boy, but luckily that’s not the way things were. I was so incredibly happy that Stefan ended up being such a good guy. The relationship he had with his mother was enough to warm any heart, and the way he was with his team was truly inspiring. Honestly even the side characters were well fleshed out and interesting, which makes total sense considering there will be more books in this series about them. I am dying to see who the stars of the next book will be. And hopefully see some sweet glimpses of where Stefan and Brit are as well.

All in all Blocked was an awesome story! I am now a Gold Hockey fan through and through (right after my first love, the Red Wings, of course) and I can’t wait to back in the locker room with these hunks!


had me at hockey


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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