Worth the Wait (Sexy Nerd Boys, 1) - K.M. Neuhold



Worth the Wait was a great contemporary romance! I absolutely love the nerding out that was happening in this story! Even though I have never actually seen Dr. Who (I know, I know, it’s on my to-be watched list, people!) I can totally respect the level of fandom Abby and Ethan had for their beloved show! Prepare to be bombarded with some Dr. Who goodness in this review, in honor of Abby and Ethan!



Abby was pretty prickly in the beginning of this story, she could come off as kind of callous at times. There were a few different occasions where I wanted to shake her a little and tell her to just stop.



dr who shut up gif



As her demons were slowly revealed you did get a better understanding of why she was the way she was, and it made a lot of sense. She was someone I didn’t really fall in love with right away, but as she started letting down her walls, I started to come around. I felt really terrible about some of her circumstances, and ultimately I wanted to see her find happiness in life.



Now lets talk about Ethan.



hot hot hot gif



Ok, there was so much more to him than that, but it had to be said! I loved so much about Ethan. Although in the beginning, he did follow that familiar man-whore, New Adult trend. I will say that in this instance I actually pitied him though, he was like a piece of meat to these women! Pretty quickly you start to see there is much more to him and you really can’t help but falling for him. He was so gentle, patient, and sweet with Abby. I loved how he treated her, even when she wasn’t the most deserving of his kindness. The fact that they really bonded over their shared Dr. Who nerdom was just too freaking cute!



dr who pick up line



The secondary characters were also pretty awesome in this story, which is always a HUGE plus for me. I loathe a bunch of bland filler characters whose sole purpose is to make the main characters look better in comparison. This was definitely not the case here. I especially liked Ethan’s sister, Lee. I actually enjoyed seeing Lee dealing with some heavy stuff of her own. It was clear this author spent a lot of time cultivating these multi-layered characters, it really came through brilliantly in this story.



dr who gif



Worth the Wait dealt with a lot of serious issues and struggles, and I really dug that. Everything felt very realistic and I appreciated the care she took in talking about these issues, and also how each character handled their problems. I loved that no one “fixed” anyone with their love. Each issue was meet with a realistic solution, that took bravery, tons of self reflection, and work. No true love bandaids here!! Hooray! I thought there was a pretty diverse set of struggles that can easily be relatable in one way or another to most people, which is also pretty cool. Besides the heavier aspects of this book, there was a lot of sweet moments, and quite a few laugh out loud moments, which I ALWAYS appreciate in a story. So be prepared to basically feel a wide range of emotions while reading this story!



dr who pic



All in all this was a great start to a series that I am really looking forward to reading more of!! Bring on the Sexy Nerd Boys!!!



nerds rulenerds candy love



I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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