Hard To Handle (Teach Me Book 2) - RC Boldt


So I kind of love a good enemies to lovers story. I like the playfulness and the build up of frustration that ultimately turns into some explosively good times in the bedroom lol. This was exactly what you get here in Hard to Handle. I found the juvenility of Zach and Laney’s back and forth frenemies banter to be a nice contrast, and a rather comical one, to their spicy bedroom romps and dirty talk later on.



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Zach was sweet. The way he poked at Lacey, like an adolescent that pulls a girl’s hair and calls her stinky because he likes her, was comical and also a little sad. He really pined for her. It was actually rather endearing and refreshing to have a contemporary romance where the guy doesn’t start out as a womanizing toolbag. I thought it was kind of cute that this whole enemies thing started because he found himself putting his foot in his mouth when him and Laney first met because he was so enamored and thrown off by how beautiful he found her. It was sweet really. Zach consistently stayed sweet too. It honestly became sad to see him downplaying his growing feelings for Laney so he didn’t spook her into running away. It felt like a nice change of pace to see this kind, sweet guy fall head over heels for the no commitments, fly by night girl. I was rather disappointed with Laney’s behavior on a few occasions, but I could understand her thinking in the beginning. She eventually started coming around though, and that made my heart happy!



I think one of the best things about this series is the close friendship all these characters have. This is a fun group of friends that feel like family. That alone makes me want to keep coming back for more.






Well, that and the fact that I am still dying to get the full story on Tate and Miller. Although now I really want to see Lawson find someone special too. She’ll have to be something extra special to keep up with him!



I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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