Demigods and monsters  4 out of 5 stars


Demigods and Monsters starts off pretty much right where the previous book, Curse of the Sphinx ends. Hope flees her friends and her home not to run this time, but to finally find some answers. She is determined to break Apollo’s curse and free herself once and for all, even if that means throwing herself straight into the lion’s den to find what she seeks.


Hope’s tenacity in finding answers was a relief in this book. After her running for most of book 1 it was nice to see Hope stop running and start trying to save herself. It was especially great to see her making some new friends along the way, and really start kicking some butt! The change of scenery was such a welcome addition. I really enjoyed the conservatory! The library alone was enough to make a girl swoon.


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The new characters introduced in this addition were FANTASTIC!! I really enjoyed getting to know some of these Demigods, Xan and Dahila were definitely my favorites! I’m not quite sure if Xan is supposed to be a new love interest for Hope or not, while I hope that is not the case for Hope, I really enjoyed him being there and caring for her the way he did. I’m still rooting for Athan, but Xan is a great addition to the story. I’m really curious to see where everyones loyalties end up after they finally found out Hope’s secret. I also enjoyed seeing some more misunderstood monsters! It was sad to see how they are treated simply for being born the way they are. Some having just inherited a curse without and wrong doing and all.


“The stories were depressing. The humans who’d offended the gods were then cursed to become monsters, half-breeds. In some cases, it was the human’s offspring, as if an innocent child offended the gods by its very existence. And the monsters were offensive to both man and god. More often than not, their end was horribly tragic.”


I had really hoped to glean some more information in this book. After book 1 still left so many things unanswered, I had hoped to learn more about the curse, and some hints, at the very least, on how to break it in this novel. Unfortunately after this story you are left with only even more questions. I did enjoy the journey, but I was hoping for some plot progression in that area. Everything else was fantastic and I was extra happy with the little encounters with some big name gods in this one too! I’ll definitely be continuing on with this series, and I’m really looking forward to where the next book will be taking us!! And hopefully there will be some answers to these burning questions in that one!


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I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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