Encender (The Enertia Trials Book 2) - J. Kowallis

“My opponent’s eyes are cold and detached. You have to be like that in this world. You can’t care-or think about what you’re doing. You can’t think about the lives you take, because if you do…your will end in one snap of de Dios fingers.”


I have been trying to come up with the words to say about this book, and what automatically keeps coming to mind is that this was not necessarily the book I wanted after reading Afterimage, but what it was, was just the book I didn’t even know that I needed. I so bad wanted Encender to pick right up where Afterimage left off, with the characters that I fell in love with, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t initially a little bummed that what I had wanted was not what I had got. Instead Encender gave us these intruders. These brash, intense, barbarians literally fighting their way into this world…and eventually your heart. Ransley, Roydon, and even Estevan and Carmen were stark reminders of the harsh world they are a product of. So while they weren’t exactly what I was expecting, or what I wanted, they were a perfect reminder of the savage world that Kowallis has created. I actually quite enjoyed getting to know them and see how they handled themselves while put in these crazy situations clashing against the Public. In fact, I once I started this story, I could barely put it down. I was flying through it, and before I even realized it, these new characters had wormed their way into my heart.  Each one of them brought something new and interesting to the story, and ended up being perfect additions to this tale.




furiously reading




It was also riveting and also truly frightening to see what the Public was up to in this new territory. It became clear that we only got the tip of the iceburg in Afterimage, and I am DYING to see what is going to happen next. The abilities were amped up in this addition as well, which was so cool!! I really love where this story line is taking us. I can honestly say that The Enertia Trials are top notch dystopian novels. Each book thus far has been a surprising, exciting, engaging read from start to finish. Every bit I get only makes me crave the next even more. Congratulations, J. Kowallis, I’m officially addicted! I’ll just be waiting here on the edge of my seat waiting to devour the next addition to this amazing series!



got anymore of that


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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