Naughty Angel (Sexy Nerd Boys Book 2) - K.M. Neuhold


I really enjoyed this book! I really enjoy when a sequel comes along that really brings that wow factor, and that was definitely this book for me. Everything about this book was on point for me. It had a slower paced building romance, which always makes me happy, some laugh out loud moments, and a plot line that didn’t read exactly like a million other NA romances. I find myself more and more coming to expect certain things to happen in a romance book, like for example I always find myself looking for that point in the story where the characters will break things off for some misunderstanding (usually near the 65%-75% mark, YOU KNOW exactly what I am talking about so don’t play coy with me here) and then come back together right before the end for the HEA. And that’s all fine and dandy, not knocking that story line, but as I said, I’ve actually gotten to the point where I expect and search that point of in a romance book. So when the author throws something different at you and surpasses those expectations, I am always pleasantly surprised by this, and believe kudos are due. Variety is the spice of life after all, is it not? And it keeps me humble lol. There is something to be said for getting knocked off your know-it-all high horse sometimes. So thanks for that Neuhold, I need that now and again!



screw your high horse



I can also say that Asher and Eve are my new favorite characters in this series as well. I really enjoyed watching Eve come out of her shell. And Asher was the perfect guy to help her along in doing so. I thought he was incredibly sweet with her, even though he had a devilish tongue at times. I actually liked that he was one of those people that would just tell it how it is, and not be shy about saying naughty things, even though he was taking things slower with Eve and trying to establish connections on a deeper level. His corny jokes were freaking amazing too! I am a total nerd for puns, the cheesier, the better! He was kind of a dream guy for me!!






I thought that this book wasn’t as emotionally intense as the previous one, which was kind of a relief. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any intense parts, because there definitely is, but it was nice to not have as much of the high anxiety feels throughout, at least not back to back. I’m also handing out a stellar head nod to Neuhold for taking on a topic like religion and doing it in a way that wasn’t slamming one side or the other, and inflaming a hot topic issue. I thought it was done brilliantly and I respected a story about someone just growing up and becoming an adult and finding their own way and opinions. That is such a HUGE part in becoming a grown up. Being able to make your own informed decisions about your life, beliefs, and goals. I really like the inclusion of things like that into a story like this. It’s something universally relatable when you look at the bigger picture. I really look forward to seeing what this author comes up with next, and which characters will be the stars of the next book! This one was a great book all around and I have some high expectations for the rest of the series at this point!



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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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