Cover (1)   4 out of 5 stars


After reading Naughty Angel, book 2 in the Sexy Nerd Boys series, I was super excited to get my hands on Impossible Girl!! You could see some things going down between Remy and Dex sprinkled throughout the story, so I was eager to get a better idea of what was really happening behind the scenes with them!

no idea but im excited


Remy was not my favorite character in the beginning, I hated how shamelessly she went after Ethan in the first book, and how rude she was with Abby. BUT I actually really liked getting to know her better in this novella. In the end, I even admired the brazenness that she had. I will say that I did much prefer when she started letting a little more of her true self shine, rather than secreting away all her hopefulness behind endless strings of meaningless sex. I also want to add that I thought it was AWESOME to have a strong female kind of taking the role of the NA “playboy”! I wish this happened more often in this genre. It would keep things a little more interesting, in my opinion. And I think it’s only fair that we come to terms with the fact that girls like sex too lol.


salt and pepa


Dex was so sweet! I appreciated how careful and patient he was with Remy. He was a good guy. I also thought it was pretty amazing that he was juggling as much as he was. There isn’t a whole lot more heartwarming to me than a guy who is a great Dad. Especially the single Dads that take the role of Mom and Dad on. Maybe that is because I know just how hard being a single parent can be. So lets just say Dex was pretty wonderful in my eyes.




This story was a great quick read. I devoured it in a day. I really love this group of characters, and I am enjoying getting to know each one a little better with each new installment. This series is primo NA romance, and I definitely recommend it to fans of that genre.


I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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