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Impossible Girl


K.M. Neuhold




The only thing more difficult than catching her, is keeping her.


I’ve spent the last four years in self-imposed celibacy. It was going fine until I met her. Remy Harris, the wild eyed vixen no man can pin down. She’s more than willing to have a good time, but I’m looking for so much more than that.


Love ‘em and leave ‘em. It’s safer that way. In my experience all men are looking for is a good time anyway. It’s better to give them what they want and walk away before they can do the same to you. When I needed a calculus tutor I never expected to find one who’s so…sexy. Since when are nerds so hot?

**While every book in this series can be read as a stand alone, you will likely get more enjoyment from Impossible Girl if you’ve read Worth the Wait and Naughty Angel first

**mature content


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Chapter 1


“Ugh, fuck me,” I groan to myself. I press my palms to my eyelids, silently willing the hangover to recede.

“Been there, done that,” the naked man lying beside me says with a smirk. I try to recall his name. Mark, Mike, Matt? Who the fuck cares anyway? He was exceptionally awkward and unskilled in bed. I’m definitely not interested in a repeat. I peel myself away from him and snatch my clothes up off of the floor.

“Why are you in such a rush sweet cheeks? Come back to bed, we can have another go before I have to get to class.” He waggles his eyebrows at me suggestively while I swallow back the bile rising in my throat.

“I’m all set, thanks,” I mutter as I pull my clothes on quickly and scurry out of his bedroom. I’m met with several pairs of eyes as I descend the stair of the frat house. Oh the walk of shame; although, it’s not so bad if you’re not actually ashamed.

“Morning boys.” I shoot a flirty smile at each of the three guys.

“Oh Rem, not Mitch, I’m heartbroken,” one of them jokes. Mitch, that was his name.

“Sorry, Jake, you’ll just have to try your luck with me at the next party.” I wink at him before sauntering out of the house.

Slut, whore, skank, easy. You name it I’ve heard it. My favorite is when girls whisper it behind my back as though I can’t hear, or I don’t know that having casual sex with random guys makes me worthy of gossip. But, why the hell are guys allowed to have random sex but girls are ‘dirty’ if they do?

I honestly don’t care. I learned one thing at a young age: if you want guys to notice you, then appeal to their hormones. Granted, this has gotten me attention from plenty of guys who turned out not to be worth my time. But, I have a solution for that, too; don’t get emotionally involved. It’s a bullshit double standard to begin with. I’m breaking through that glass ceiling, one random hook up at a time.

When you get down to it we’re animals with needs and there’s nothing wrong or unnatural with fulfilling your primal desires. If anything, there’s something unnatural with monogamy. It doesn’t work, at least not that I’ve ever seen.

Take my mom for example: she thought she fell in love when she was seventeen. Next thing she knows, she’s knocked up and alone because the dude took off before she could even say ‘call me’. That’s dear old dad. I’ve never actually met the guy. But, I did meet husbands one through four, all of whom lasted no longer than 18 months. So, when girls get all misty-eyed over guys who they just ‘love so much’…I think I’ll pass.

I shield my eyes and look up at the enormous brick building looming before me, taunting me. ‘you’re a moron’ the uppity building sneers. I roll my eyes. I need to get my shit together. Holding my head up high, I force myself forward. I avert my gaze from the words on the side of the building, Tutoring Center. Stop judging me.

As I reach for the door handle I stop myself and consider turning around and going home. Maybe it won’t be the end of the world if I fail calculus. I mean, sure I won’t be able to complete my degree requirements. Who the hell decided to make calculus a requirement for a business degree anyway? But, surely that would be better than admitting I’m too stupid to pass the class without a tutor, wouldn’t it?

My phone buzzes in my pocket.

Nikki: Don’t chicken out, tons of people get tutoring. You’ve got this.

I can’t stop the smile that spreads across my face.

Remy: How did you know I was about to turn around and go home?

Nikki: twintuition 😉

I tuck my phone back in my pocket and clutch the door handle forcefully. I can’t disappoint Nikki, my twin sister and the only person in the world I actually care about.

I’ve often envied my sister for being a lesbian. Wait, that came out wrong. What I mean is, she seems to have found the girl of her dreams, and they’re going to go off and get married, and I’ll be all alone… I’m not bitter.

“How can I help you?” I’m greeted by the cheery middle aged woman behind the reception desk as soon as I step into the air conditioned building.

It’s September in Colorado and it’s still hot as balls outside. I’m wearing a tank top and barely there shorts, yet I’m covered in sweat from my short walk to campus.

“I need a calculus tutor,” I say with a blush. I gnaw at my bottom lip as she begins to type on her computer, presumably trying to find me a tutor. Or posting on Facebook about how stupid I am.

“You’re in luck, I have a tutor who’s actually available right now if you’d like,” she announces with a smile.

I nod once.

“Alright, just head to the second floor. You’ll want the second door on the left. Ask for Dexter.”

“Thank you.”

I find the stairs and head to the second floor. When I reach the second door on the left I pause outside the door and wrestle with myself again. Do I really need to do this? So I failed the first exam. Maybe if I just study harder for the second exam, tutoring won’t be necessary at all!

Right as I’m about to turn around and leave, the door swings open and a wall of muscle just about bowls me over.

“Whoa, where’s the fire?” I snap as strong hands reach out to steady me.

“Oh shit. Sorry darlin’.” The deep southern drawl kicks up my heart rate and I look up to see who this man is that nearly ran me over.

His blond hair is messy like he’s been running his hands through it. His eyes are chocolate brown and filled with remorse. His strong jaw like something out of a western, covered with stubble. He’s built like a brick wall. He’s like a real live cowboy. Yee-haw.

“Damn, you must be a long lost Hemsworth brother.”

I look up at him through my eyelashes and stick my chest out so my cleavage is on full display. Come on cowboy, you know you want this.

He chuckles at me and takes a step back running, a hand through his already tangled mane of hair.

“Were you looking for someone darlin’?”

Looking for someone? Absolutely. I’ve been looking for someone as dead sexy as him my entire life. Given the proper amount of time I could absolutely blow his mind. I lick my lips and take a step closer to him again.

“In the math tutoring department?” he clarifies.

Oh, damn. I forgot I actually came here for a reason other than to pick up a sexy cowboy to ride all day…and night… long.

“Oh, yes. I was looking for Dexter.”

“Actually, I prefer Dex.” he extends a hand and I take it awkwardly.

Great, like I’m going to be able to learn a damn thing from sexy cowboy man.

“Is this a bad time? Were you on your way out?” That would be perfect! Then I could leave and never, ever come back.

“Actually, I was just in desperate need of a caffeine fix.”

“I certainly understand the urgency of your exit then.”

He chuckles and runs his hand through his hair again. I have the desperate urge to run my own hands through that mane.

“I certainly wouldn’t object to some coffee.”

“Perfect, let’s go get some coffee and discuss your tutoring needs.” He places his hand on the small of my back to lead me out. A slow heat spreads through my body.


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I’m a total romance junkie whether it’s reading or writing, I just can’t get enough. I also have a terrible habit of falling hopelessly in love with my own male main characters.

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